About Us

Dar el Nokhba is a leading institution in the field of educational products and tools, headquartered in Syria – Damascus

The Foundation currently operates in six main fields:
• Learning
The production of traditional educational books uniquely and modern.
• Learning Plus
Produce educational books in different ways from traditional books in an innovative and meaningful way, including digital media.
• Pen Learning
Producing integrated textbooks with electronic speaking pens that have many features.
• Digital Learning
Producing educational programs and electronic applications for many computers, tablets and mobile devices.
• EDU Box
Produce educational tools and laboratories to be a living test core for students and learners.
• Games for fun
Production of intelligence games and skills development.
All of these are classified into sub-categories:
Islamic materials – materials for children – materials for young people – scientific encyclopedias – language materials and dictionaries

Our Vision :

Leadership and excellence in the production of education products to contribute to the service of society and civilization progress.
Our Goals:
• Production of many products with a modern technological digital style.
• Produce products of a traditional style that are indispensable for their direct association with human existence, but in unique, innovative and more effective ways.

Our Mission :

We are always striving to produce modern educational products that rise to the highest level and be of great importance and to keep pace with the continuous development in this world to develop and promote knowledge progress.